sexta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2002

OK. Listening to the Amelie Poulain's soundtrack. Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain. Le Valse d'Amélie.

It rarely happens, but sometimes, in a beautiful music, the sound of some instruments, like violins or piano - the dramatic ones - strike me in the stomach and in my heart. There is only heat and enthusiasm. Then I feel the limits of the material world. The body limits. Why can't it just vanish in that sudden beauty? All the molecules torn into atoms, spread everywhere and nowhere.

In this case, do I have this feeling because of some sort of identification with the story?
Maybe, but not only.
No. Some years ago, I had a whole session of heat and enthusiasm. All by myself, during the night. Listening to a hungarian classical music composer whose name I never found out. Just stayed there, it was too much energy for me to try to go with it. Lying down there for 3 hours... in heat, enthusiasm and devotion.
And I will probably never listen to that again. I may feel a similar sensation, but not with that guy again.
That's why high concentration was required.

This leads me to another theme, or better yet, to a deeper level of the same theme. Music. Life. Time.
We can't touch it, we can't grab it with our hands, or see it. We've got to concentrate in that tiny moment.
Music is not like a painting on a wall, that we can literally watch for hours, when we want, as long as we want.
Music is time, obviously. Life is time. But, dear Watson, there is no such thing. Time doesn't exist, because only the present moment exists. The past has disappeared. The future is the next present.

I don't know where I am going. Not to an original conclusion, that's for sure.
Enthusiastic high concentration at the hot present moment? Hot enthusiasm?

And, some weeks ago, I was told by a friend that the word enthusiasm comes from Greek and it means somebody who has been taken by the spirit of a god. One of the gods blow his powers to a mortal, and from then on the mortal has the power to transform Reality.

Very beautiful. But we need a body to transform the reality.
This leads me to a even deeper level, but I guess I should stop here. It would be too religious for today. Tonight.

For the record: my personal CD consultant, Mr. jota, was responsible for all this. He gave me the soundtrack.
Thanks in the name of two pilgrims.

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