sexta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2003

Mais um pouco de acção e aventura: Deep Junior ganha a Kasparov, empatando assim o score a 1,5-1,5. Exemplos das coisas a que acho piada:

Deep Junior has tied the match 1.5-1.5 by winning game three. In another exciting game Kasparov took the battle to Junior's king but couldn't land a knockout punch. Junior bobbed and weaved like Muhammad Ali and slowly equalized the game. Finally, just when it looked like Kasparov would try to force a draw, the human blundered and lost almost instantly. Kasparov had missed a spectacular checkmate variation that caused him to lose another pawn and the game.
This is exactly how Grandmasters most often lose to computer programs. They get excellent positions and then watch them unravel against near-perfect computer defense. Junior was in trouble for the third straight game out of the opening. Kasparov, playing white, tricked Junior back into the g4 lines of the Semi-Slav (from game one) through a sneaky move order that got the Israeli program out of its opening book.[...]
A sad but all too common fate. A marvelous performance ruined by a moment's inattention against a beast that never sleeps.

PS- Abaixo o Durão.

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