sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2003

Tirei deste site uma explicaçao sobre a Caixa de Pandora, pq queria deixar uma pergunta.

«According to Edith Hamilton in Mythology the source of all misfortune was Pandora's curiosity. "The gods presented her with a box into which each had put something harmful, and forbade her ever to open it. Then they sent her to Epimetheus, who took her gladly although Prometheus had warned him never to accept anything from Zeus. He took her, and afterward when that dangerous thing, a woman, was his, he understood how good his brother's advice had been. For Pandora, like all women, was possessed of a lively curiosity. She had to know what was in the box. One day she lifted the lid­and out flew plagues innumerable, sorrow and mischief for mankind. In terror Pandora clapped the lid down, but too late. One good thing, however, was there­ Hope. It was the only good the casket had held among the many evils, and it remains to this day mankind's sole comfort in misfortune.»

A questão que se põe é uma apenas.

A esperança é um bem? ou a pior de todas as maldições?

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