domingo, 21 de janeiro de 2007

Ser Silenciosamente Tristonho Sombrio e Calado

«[...] The big boys left. We remained sitting. Peder was taciturn. Peder is the only person I describe in such a way. When Peder elected to be silent, he truly became taciturn. Now he was taciturn as never before. I've learned to live with it. If there's anything in this world I'm able to do it's to be in the company of taciturn people. All you have to do is shut up yourself and see who says something first. Peder lost. [...]» - The Half Brother, de Lars Saabye Christensen.

Do you feel lucky?

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  1. je m'identifiquè avec les taciturn persones :-) e anche credo che questo parece o Catcher in the Rye.
    Como é bela a leitura por puro prazer, não em prol do trabalho, nem dos estudos.


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