domingo, 24 de novembro de 2002

Bill: Tomorrow. The first good-looking woman I see...I'm not gonna fall in love with her. That'll show her! Yeah. The first good-looking...blonde woman I see. I'm gonna make her fall in love with me. I'll do everything right. Be a a little aloof at first. Mysterious. Seem sort of...thoughtful and deep. But possibly a bit dangerous too. Flatter her in little ways. But be modest myself. They all fall for that shit. Make her fall hopelessly in love with me. Yup. Mysterious. Thoughtful. Deep but modest. And then I'm gonna fuck her. But I'm not gonna care about her. To me she's gonna be another piece of ass. Somebody else's little girl who I'm gonna treat like dirt and make her beg for it too. I'm just gonna use her up. Have my way with her. Like a little toy, a plaything. And when I'm done I'm just gonna throw her away.

Dennis: (Embarrassed) Are you through?

Bill: I haven't even begun yet.

Dennis: Go to sleep.

Bill: I can't sleep. (Pauses) I'm in pain.

Hal Hartley, "Simple Men"

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